Thursday, June 17, 2010

Places not to be seen

I was out and about and saw a guy I had a fling with maybe 15 years ago. Yes, that's a long time ago but on some thing the statute of limitations doesn't expire, you know?

And guess where we were? Guess where we crossed paths? JOANN FABRICS. Cripes. No surprise that we didn't acknowledge each other, is it? The god damn fabric store, where I swear to god I have never set foot before. Also I would like to note that the one time, the one single time that I have ever been to a strip club -- which I asked David to take me to because I was curious, and the whole time I was hideously uncomfortable and I at least expected the women to be beautiful but in actuality their breasts were so obviously surgically altered that they looked as if they were about to burst, and when I expressed my disappointment to David that the locale wasn't the least bit sexy, he looked shocked and said, "Oh, definitely not; if it was sexy I'd hang out there all the time" -- that one time, I also ran into a guy that I knew. But not the same guy.

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