Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Easy, baby

I don't mean to brag, but I have the easiest baby in the world.  The most important thing any baby can do is sleep.  Baby W sleeps unbelievably well, amazingly well. In the Baby World Cup, he'd be like . . .one of those European countries that plays soccer pretty well (Belgium?), and he'd win the. . . World Cup first prize gold medal trophy award.  Let's just say he's a champ at sleeping.

We have the sleep responsibilities divided in half, with David taking care of Stella's night time disturbances and me handling Baby W's wakeups.  You would think that I get the short end of that stick.  I do not. I keep wanting to brag on Facebook about the fact that Baby W, at less than three months old, regularly sleeps five, six, even seven hours at a stretch but I'm too afraid that all the other parents who are posting about ongoing sleep deprivation will immediately de-friend me. It's already embarrassing how many fewer Facebook friends I have than David, who started a year after me and still secretly thinks Facebook is lame and never posts and yet has three times the friends that I do.  So I can't afford to lose any Facebook friends.

There are very few downsides to Baby W.  My biggest complaint is that if I don't give him a bath every other day, he starts to smell funny, particularly his little clenched hands.  When I pry open his fists, they're full of lint and congealed saliva. Baths are helpful since he is usually covered in pink sparkles; Stella got a velvet sparkly dress the color of pepto-bismol at the thrift store, and the sparkles migrate off the dress and all over the house, particularly to Walter's scalp. (This reminds me of the time that David and Stella were playing dress-up, and David forgot and then went to the grocery store with a head full of little girly plastic barrettes. The neighborhood being what it is, they didn't even blink an eye.)

In sum: cute baby, healthy baby, baby who loves to sleep.  Go Belgium!

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