Sunday, July 25, 2010

That poor bunny

A quick update to make one more point about Pat the Bunny, about which I wrote a lengthy literary analysis in my last post, primarily consisting of implying the author was a lush. Pat the Bunny has a book within the book, just exactly the way Inception has a dream within a dream. That's what passed for trippy in the 1940s.

In the inner book, Judy reads about bunny's various activities, including sleeping. After reading yesterday's post, David pointed out that there is no way that bunny is sleeping. That bunny is seriously dead, or "tot" as say in our house because we like to pretend we read Nietzsche in the original, and also we like to pretend it didn't take us six times of googling Nietzsche before spelling it correctly. ("Does the 'i before e' rule apply for 19th century German existentialists?") I think perhaps the two "cute babies" referenced in the previous post might have helped speed that bunny along to an early demise. Also, its ears have apparently been replaced with wooden spoons.

David also took issue with the use of "sss-sh" as an command to be quiet, which is used on this page. Too many sssses, he said. But then I explained that the book was written in the 1940s, like before Facebook even existed, so who knows what kind of primitive communication methods they used back then.

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