Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's starting to get cold outside, and the furnace will be on soon. This means we'll be moving into the season of marital battles for control of the thermostat. We have different approaches to determining the proper temperature inside: David believes the thermostat should be set at the profligate, semi-tropical, expensive, energy-wasting temperature of 68; I'm continually turning the thermostat down while arguing that frostbite is not that big of a deal and the baby doesn't actually NEED all 10 toes. It's cliche, but I do tell him to put on a sweater. And a hat. Actually with the bedroom at 55 degrees he might need two hats. David gets up at noon most days but his heart doesn't actually start beating until about 2 PM and a cold house turns his plasma dangerously thick, or at least that's what he's trying to pawn off on me.

Also, I'm excited because we just got Netflix which means that jostling for control of the queue opens a whole range of new possibilities in marital strife.

Actually I'm a little concerned about the Netflix development. David thought it would be nice for he and I to watch some movies together. In theory I agree, but the only time available for that kind of activity is after the children go to bed, and that is very precious time. I once heard David beg off from a mid-morning work conference call (he works from home) saying that he had an important previous appointment at that hour -- and in fact he DID have an important previous appointment, but it was with his pillow, so in that vein, I will say that I have an important ongoing commitment every night at 9:30 PM as that is when my brain stops working regardless of whether I'm actually asleep. The likelihood of me being able to stay up for a whole movie seems about as likely as Sarah Palin finally finishing up that dissertation, so instead we got the first season of The Wire, thinking the shorter shows might mean we'd be more likely to watch something together and of course we haven't watched a minute because I just can't stay awake. I need something that can be broken down in really short components to watch, like maybe a whole DVD's worth of cute kitten videos from You Tube. (I occasionally try to watch short You Tube videos with Stella which is a mixed bag. You would be surprised how many of the animal videos feature them humping something.)

I won't have any time at all to watch any Netflix videos for the next couple weeks because we're going on a massive bi-coastal trip that involves airports in Harrisburg, Washington DC, Portland OR, and Seattle as well as two trains. This trip is so complex that I broke down and purchased a cell phone for the first time. Granted, it is the type of cell phone my grandmother would own, and yes I mean the grandmother who is dead because it is my understanding that only dead people have cell phones that don't have touch screens. David asked if my new phone was 3G and I had to laugh because I don't think this phone made it out of the Fs. This is not a phone that has "apps," unless you count the fact that it flips open. That's okay, since I'm thinking my primary use of this phone will be to actually talk to people. I basically went back in time to 2002 and purchased a cutting-edge phone from that year, and my understanding is that the Neanderthals in 2002 actually used their phones to make phone calls, unlike the today's cell phone users, and that the proto-humans from 2002 actually talked on their phone, at least to the extent that their not-yet-fully developed vocal cords allowed them to communicate in grunts.

I will not be posting for the next two weeks or so, due to the upcoming trip, which means you get a break from experiencing what it is like living in my brain. It's not so bad in here, but there's lots of videos of kittens.

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