Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fan #70

One of the biggest downsides of David being out of town is that I am missing my normal rendezvous with my early-morning running group. By the way, I just learned that word is both singular and plural, which is handy if you are Elliot Spitzer and you need to talk about your rendezvous with a special lady and you would like everyone to assume that you are using the word in its singular form when in fact you are not. I was fascinated with the Spitzer scandal when the news broke and I am re-living a little of that now, because apparently someone accidentally left the door to a television studio unlocked and Elliot Spitzer crept in and started a show. I am choosing to believe that is what happened, because I can't stomach the alternative that someone actively decided he would be an appropriate person to host an opinion show.

I also would like to point out that the correct plural of passerby is passersby, a fact that somehow I managed to retain despite the fact that I have not used the plural of the word in the 24 years I have known the correct form, and also despite the fact that I cannot remember my own cell phone number. My new cell phone, which I bought for $12 at Target, came in very handy on my big trip, by the way. Since then the phone has been turned off, sitting in a drawer, so be sure to give me a call on it! I did turn the phone on the other day and saw that I had missed two calls from numbers with area codes indicating the calls originated in the Milwaukee suburbs. Since I don't know anyone from that area, I am thinking the calls might have been political in nature. I'm thinking of returning their call and telling them I'm writing in Brett Favre, a man I once only half-jokingly said could run for Wisconsin governor and win, although something tells me he might have a harder road to Madison these days. There is actually a Brett Favre for Wisconsin Governor page on Facebook, which seems a bit....dated, although the page does still have 69 fans. I am sorely tempted to become fan #70, but I can't in good conscience throw my vote behind a man who spells his last name all weird like that.

I have been running with the same group of four people for years now, and I was happy to be able to rejoin them for early morning runs just a few months after Baby W was born. It took the better part of a year before I rejoined them after Stella's birth, because Stella really clung to me in the night and early morning hours, which Baby W does not do at all. Many times even now when I return from running, I find Stella having a screaming fit because I left the house for 45 minutes, and when I point out to her that David was two feet away from her and perhaps he could have provided her with some comfort, she looks at me as if I had suggested something as bizarre as that Elliot Spitzer should become a television personality. Baby W, on the other hand, is basically a 24-year-old trapped in a size 18-month onesie. He doesn't have the desperate neediness that Stella does, although he's always happy to see me, and glad I brought food. And like a  24-year old, he asks me to do his laundry and pick up his pizza boxes.

Autumn is a lovely time for running, and I am looking forward to David returning so I can get in some early morning hours. I love running, and I run all seasons, at any hours. There's one way I won't run, though, and that's for governor. My last name just isn't spelled weird enough.

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