Sunday, November 21, 2010


Winter is here, and don't give me any of that bunk until winter not starting until December 21st. Sure, maybe the pagans think winter starts with the solstice, but reasonable human beings know that any month when it snows counts as winter, which means in Wisconsin winter extends from October through May. I recently heard a foreign exchange student complain about the Wisconsin climate, saying the winter was unbelievably harsh, the spring unrelentingly wet, the summer unspeakably humid. Yes, but September is nice. Parts of September, anyway. September 4th between 2 and 3 PM is often quite beautiful, or so I've heard. I myself am usually too busy surfing on Facebook to process any external stimuli.

I hear they have no
income tax in Florida
I ride my bike to work and this time of year the commute starts getting very -- oh, let's just pick one of the adjectives people use to make it sound like cold weather has intrinsic value when in reality any Wisconsin resident who has any sense whatsoever turns snowbird two days after retirement -- "invigorating." No wait, "brisk." Or "gets your blood flowing." The temptation now that weather "puts roses in your cheeks" is to really pump the pedals to go as fast as possible on your bike. This approach does get you to your destination faster and generates extra body heat, but it also creates extra wind, making it harder to stay warm. There's a sweet spot among these trade-offs, but it requires a multivariate regression to identify. I need to start packing a protractor on my bike.

I still feel like I am new to my job, even though I've been at it now for most of a year. There has been quite a learning curve. You know how there's been a lot of research recently showing that the more competent you think you are, the less competent you are in reality? In other words, people who don't know very much aren't aware of the magnitude of what they don't know, so they have an overinflated sense of their own capabilities. Wiser people actually have a lower opinion of their competence, because they understand there is much they don't know. If that is true, then I must be a flipping genius at work.

My boss at work waters my plants, which I think is both a little odd and very sweet. When I first started, I bought a bunch of plants for my office and many of them went roots-up immediately, I guess pining for the promised land back at Home Depot. I felt a little insulted that a big box store could keep my plants alive but I could not. Apparently plants require water or something like that......? That's the kind of nit-picky detail I just can't be bothered about.

On Midwest Potato I prefer to talk about my kids rather than my work because at home, nobody can fire me. Not that the cats haven't tried. The heck with firing me; what the cats try to do is kill me, by running in front of me and then stopping suddenly while I am going down the steps. This is penny wise and pound foolish because yes, the cats have a half-million dollar life insurance policy taken out on me, but who will feed them if I break my neck on the stairs?

Weather is getting colder, wind is blowing harder, days are getting shorter. I'm not worried. I've got the most important thing a woman can have to get her through a cold winter. I've got my protractor.

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  1. Jen (Henderson) YenkeNovember 24, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    I really enjoy your blog. Guaranteed to make me giggle at least once, usually more.