Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I don't even know what to put as
captions for these pictures now
Baby W just had his well-baby check. (It's called that because the doctor looked and him and said, "Well -- he's a baby, all right.") Stella came with us to the doctor's office, and before we went I prepped her with the sad news that I would actually have to be talking to the doctor, and Stella would not be allowed to dominate the conversation as she prefers to do. Normally, whenever Stella is introduced to a new person, or even if someone on the street doesn't break eye contact quickly enough, Stella immediately launches into a long list of things she would like to communicate to that person, including that she got her nails painted, she got new sandals, what she had for breakfast, etc. Sometimes I think the main benefit of us travelling to New Zealand was that it gave Stella a new pool of people to talk to. She's already talked to everyone on this side of the Pacific.

When I was able to get a word in edgewise with the doctor, I learned that Baby W is a little anemic. The solution is to feed him foods high in iron. I did some research and it turns out the two foods highest in iron are oysters and beef, neither of which are in our normal rotation of foods. But now I have both on hand and I'm mixing some into Baby W's foods. As a direct result, Baby W now spends a lot of his time smelling like wet cat food. In fact, I should probably check the ingredients of the Fancy Feast because that might be a more convenient way to deliver the nutrients. And the can has a pop-top lid.

As I was writing this post, I went to the Fancy Feast website for some reason. There's a whole category of things that I know are stupid even before I do them, and the whole time I'm doing it, I'm lambasting myself for doing it and saying I will never do it again. Going to the website of a canned cat food company falls right into that category, although I will admit that I was happy to find out they have webisodes featuring a chef named "Carla," posted on their website, so maybe that made the visit worthwhile.  Here's the website: http://www.fancyfeast.com/. See? Now just try to avoid going to that website.

Do you know what else falls squarely into the category of things I do all the time, despite vowing again and again not to? Reading the online comments on newspaper articles. I'm going to come right out and say that apparently only idiots leave comments on newspaper articles. (This stands in stark contrast to the superior intellect and frank sex appeal of individuals who leave comments on blog posts.)

We have to be one of the few people
who actually chose orange
It's amazing how quickly comments on even the most non-political articles devolve into name calling. Let's say I see an article about something completely anodyne, like "Beautiful Weather on Tap for Weekend." And despite knowing better, I start reading he comments and see something like this:
Commenter #1: "Were luky Dubya didnt ruin the entire envirnemtn while he had thechance. It wasnt for lack of trying." 
Commenter #2: "Oh wahh wahh! Poor little environmentalist! Obama's high tax rates will mean you'll loose yr job and then you can sit in the sun all day long."
But I swear I'm going to turn over a leaf with regards to reading comments. I don't need to lower my IQ by reading that negative drivel. I'm hoping you will join me in vowing to not do things that you already know you shouldn't do. I'm thinking we could create a national movement that would help everybody lead more positive, constructive lives. Now all we need to do is get "Carla" aboard.


  1. We lived in Manassass, VA, for a year or so. It's all a distant memory of horror now, but there were a few OK aspects of that other life. We had orange countertops. They were awesome.

  2. Love the new photos! And curious, how did the exercise equipment shopping go?

  3. Exercise equipment shopping is still pending...