Monday, May 23, 2011


May is why people live in Wisconsin. A May day like the one we had today can make up for almost all of February. I'm remembering now, though, that I spent a big chunk of February enjoying the mild southern hemisphere breezes of New Zealand, so perhaps it would be better to say that a nice May day can make up for February for the unfortunates who don't have the opportunity to winter in the tropics. You know -- the little people.
Photo by Stella, but I can't possibly
IMAGINE who this messy house
belongs to.

I know I've harped on this before, but I can hardly believe that Native Americans survived, and even thrived, in Wisconsin winters without modern clothing or heating. I believe they had access to only a very primitive version of present-day fabrics, which they made from the feathers of the lesser gore-tex, a type of finch. (A bird which went extinct right around the first REI opened, which wasn't a coincidence.)

I think if I was an early Native American, I would enjoy the beautiful May days in Wisconsin, have my fill of the abundant plant and animal life....and then keep right on moving come November, down to my time-share in Pensacola. It would take me a long time to get their by foot, but then again I would probably die of smallpox on the way anyway.

The kids have really been enjoying the start of summer, too. I gave Baby W his first popsicle today, and it BLEW his little one year old MIND. Up until now, he was under the mistaken impression that the most delicious things in the world were mama milk, matted bits of cat hair, and the crumbs that accumulate under the rug in the kitchen. Now he knows that popsicles are more delicious than anything else.

Except for maybe sand. Baby W loves to sit in his sandbox and shovel sand into his mouth as fast as he can. As far as he's concerned, sand is delicious. If he went to a four-star restaurant, and they didn't serve sand, he'd turn right around and leave. Imagine if someone set you down in a giant pile of the most mouth-watering food you can imagine, like filet mignon, or if you're a vegetarian, in some really quality chickpeas. Naturally you would enthusiastically sample the goods, right? And that's just what Baby W is doing! But with play sand!

I really like this photo that Stella took.
 In fact, he's such an enthusiastic consumer of play sand, that the other day when he pooped in the tub -- and before I go any further, I would just like to say that I'm glad I got this chance to work tub pooping into yet another post. I'll try to work in a mention of the toilets at O'Hare too, but that might be beyond me -- when he pooped in the tub, and I was cleaning it up, I couldn't understand why there was so much sand in the bottom of the tub. I finally realized it was a side effect of Baby W's extremely high fiber diet.

So for now the kids and I are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather by eating popsicles, playing in the sandbox, and going to the park. It's good to get our fill of summer now before the mosquitoes get too thick. I've got a great idea for a summer activity that Baby W will really like, one he won't forget for a long time: we're going to make popsicles out of sand.

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