Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I asked David if I could gently make fun of him in a blog post, and he looked puzzled and said, "Well, sure. I guess I thought making fun of me was one of the central reasons you started the blog." I have to admit I thought it was a little egocentric for him to think that I set up a whole blog to poke fun at him! Geez, that really that only makes up 40 or maybe 45% of the content! There's also a lot of in-depth descriptions of the toilets in O'Hare!

Here's a photo Stella took of the
sidewalk. She's like an urban
Ansel Adams.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that David has coined a new term that may come in helpful: pre-guilt. This is guilt that you feel before you have done anything wrong. For example, David is going out of town for work and then when he returns he has a lot of band obligations that will take him away from family life in the evenings, so he is already feeling pre-guilt. Go, on guess what religion he was raised in! Guess! (Hint: starts with a C, not a J.)

You know how Eskimos in theory have so much snow in their lives that they need 20 different words to describe all the different kinds? That's like David and guilt. Not only is there pre-guilt, post-guilt and in-the-moment-guilt, but there's also the guilt you feel when you don't think you've done something wrong but everyone else seems to, guilt when you get away scot-free, and the guilt you feel about not feeling more guilty than you do.

Unfortunately for Stella, the play house has no potty.
But, David gets a pass on guilt for now, because he (and others) recently helped move the world's awesomest play house into our back yard for Stella. Take a look at this house! Our neighbor built it for his daughter, and we were lucky enough to inherit it. It's made out of wood with real shingles and screens in the windows. It even has a porch! This play house has nearly as many amenities as our actual house, although I've noticed that the water softener in the play house doesn't really work properly. (The repairman is coming out tomorrow, sometime between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM.)

We were excited to take ownership of the play house, but actually transferring it from one yard to another proved to be daunting. The thing weighs several hundred pounds, so it's not like a couple of burly guys could get together and carry it across the street. After much discussion about logistics, we decided it might just be easier to swap actual residences than try to move the play house. A plan was hatched that involved three men, two wheeled dollies, two giant sheets of plywood -- and most importantly, disconnecting the hot tub -- and the house was successfully moved across the street.

I'm at least as excited as Stella, and possibly more, about her fantastic new play area. She can pretend it's an ice cream shop, a boat sailing on the ocean, or a clubhouse. I hope she lets me play with it too. I'm planning to pretend it's a toilet in O'Hare.

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  1. Sweet deal on the playhouse! And now I have some sort of guilt for not yet getting Ian a sand pit to dig in the backyard. Yes, I am a recovering Catholic myself. Enjoy the playhouse.