Thursday, June 16, 2011


Happy birthday to Midwest Potato, which turns one year old on June 17th. And thank you to the seven people who read it. Eight if you count my mom.

Good blogging material,
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One year ago, I was marvelling at how much more work a four year old child was compared to an infant. These days I'm always surprised at how much more work a five year old is than a one year old. I'm going to go way, way out on a limb here and predict that in June 2012 I'll find it hard to believe how much more work a six year old is compared to a two year old.In fact, I'd bet good money that in 2042 I'll be bemoaning how much more demanding a 37 year old is compared to a 33 year old. And I know first hand how demanding 37 year olds can be, since I am one. (By the way, you would not believe how long it took me to do the math to find out what year Stella will be 37 years old.)

I guess I thought kids got easier as they grew older! I am not sure how I got that idea. That might be one of those falsehoods deliberately foisted on would-be parents to help encourage them to have more than one child. If we all knew the truth, we'd stop reproducing and there'd be  no way the human race could survive.

Another one of these myths that is foisted on parents is that the kid will eventually sleep through the night. That's BULLSHIT, my friends. They NEVER sleep through the night. And if they do, it is only for a brief period to lull you into bragging to all your friends about what a great sleeper your genetically superior baby is, before dramatically switching gears and waking up every 45 minutes all night long. (Yet still managing to take four hour naps during the day.) This is known as sleep regression, and it's typically just a stage, one that in my kids' case lasted somewhere between two and 936 weeks long.

There was also a lot
of this over the
past year.
Anyway, over the course of the past year, I've written about finding a dead bird under our recliner, travelling to the Southern Hemisphere and back, junkpicking an Elvis cookbook, and learning to sew. Mostly, though, I write about family life. That's in part because my family can't fire me if I say something bad about them. (By the way, for my family's sake I finally signed up for life insurance -- after literally a year of having it on my to-do list -- and let me say this: holy shit, buying life insurance is depressing. It is also somewhat disconcerting that I am now worth more to David dead than alive. I am watching my back.)

Thanks to you for reading over the past year, and for leaving comments (and yes, I know the comments don't always work; Google runs Blogspot and even though Google seems to do everything else in the world and inner planets of the solar system perfectly, they still make it difficult to leave a comment). I've got some goals for the next year of this blog, including increasing readership. I'm thinking I could go as high as fifteen, or even twenty readers. Twenty-one if you count my mom.


  1. i thought i would try once again to leave a honor of the anniversary....Hope springs Eternal....

    OMG! i think it is going to work!
    so what do i say???
    Hurray for Potato!
    [dang...barely worth the effort, i guess]

    bundles of reader love,
    from reader #6

  2. I read your blog faithfully. I find it very entertaining!

  3. I think what you're figuring out is how much more difficult first-borns are than the later ones. ;)

  4. You have me Laughing out loud as usual Tamarine!-Nichol subscriber #7