Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm not sure these
people's backs work the
same way mine does.
I'm really looking forward to my gymnastics class, which starts next week. You may remember that my sister and I recently talked our way into a back handspring clinic at a kids' gym, despite no gymnastic ability at all and despite big signs all around that said "Absolutely No One Over Age 21 Allowed." We had an absolute blast. Don't tell their insurance company, okay?

That clinic was also an excellent workout. That's what I kept telling David all day -- "That clinic was an excellent workout!" -- right up until when I pitched face forward onto the couch, unconscious, due to an involuntary nap that I needed to take right that minute due to previous mentioned excellent workout.

The next day, everything in my body was sore. Including my eyelids. Heck, especially my eyelids.

Both my sister and I were excited to do more gymnastics -- and by the way, I keep typing "gynmastics," which must be something your doctor chews while you're getting a Pap smear -- but we didn't think we could count on the kids' gym letting us participate again. Luckily for us, there's a gymnastic studio in town that offers adult classes! And I read somewhere that it's becoming very hip for adults to take gymnastics classes, which made me even more interested. (Of course, it became hip for adults to carry a cell phone since about 2002, and I've never let that bother me, but at this point I'm hoping that soon things will come full circle and it will become hip to not have a cell phone. Yes, I realize that's going to be quite a wait.)

So I registered for the class and it starts on Monday! My sister won't be attending, but if I like the class then she'll take it with me again in the fall. That means, though, that I will already have 10 weeks of gymnastics under my belt by the time she starts. So she better be warned that I am going to seriously kick her ass on the pommel horse. Once I figure out what that actually is.

Later, in private, we'll
pretend that I am
Mary Lou Retton
and David is Bela Karolyi.
The description for the gymnastic class said "no experience necessary," which is right up my alley. I also need a gymnastic class with no coordination necessary. It remains to be seen whether this class fulfills all my criteria.

According to the description of the class, we're going to focus on the five gymnastic events represented in the Olympics. Hear that, everyone?!?  I'm going to the Olympics! I think it's in Rio de Janero next time, so I better brush up on my Portuguese. I think those five events that we're going to be working on are floor, balance beam, dancing around with a ribbon on the end of a stick, being 4 ft 9, and having abdominals so strong you can crack a walnut with your belly button.

I'll keep you posted on how the class goes, providing the muscles in my fingers are still working well enough to type afterwards. Maybe some of you would even be interested in joining me in taking the class in the fall! I'd like that. Until then, best keep your walnuts away from my belly button.

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