Thursday, September 22, 2011


The good news here is that Stella is enjoying kindergarten very much. She has lots of stories to tell about new friends that she's made, and fun activities that she's done in class. She always hops out of bed eager to get on the bus. And guess what? Today I found out that she kissed a boy on the playground! No wonder she likes kindergarten!

Story time, snack tine, nap time, and then make-out time at recess. Seriously, what's not to like?

She probably inherited this behavior from her old lady. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I used to chase the boys, hold them down, and then kiss them. Don't worry, as I got older my flirting got a little 

My behavior extended beyond just the playground. As a special form of torture, my sister and I used to hold my brother down and give him dozens of kisses, to his extreme dismay. This may be why he started letting our phone calls go to voice mail as soon as he grew up and got caller ID.

Stella has made lots of new friends at kindergarten (and some friends with benefits, apparently), but she also comes home and tells us about all the naughty things other kids have done or the mean things they have said. I think in a way she enjoys telling us about other kids breaking the rules. She told us about one kid who had said something mean, and when I asked for the particulars, she reported he had said "Baby bop." "Baby bop"? That's what passes for a mean remark these days? No wonder we're falling behind other industrialized countries. Our schools can't even teach kids to bully effectively!

Speaking of bullies, I remember a time in sixth grade when a classmate made an unkind remark to me. Staring at the ceiling later night I thought of the perfect rejoinder to his insult, a cutting reply that would really put him in his place. But of course it was too late...or so I thought, until the next day when he pushed his luck and repeated his mean comment, at which point I whipped out my scathing yet funny retort and he was appropriately humiliated. That kind of beautiful second chance has only happened once in my 37 years of life, but that one time was so perfect that I'll be happy even if it never happens again. In fact, since I am "friends" with all my old classmates on Facebook, I think I'll go post on his wall and remind him of our interaction so many years ago. Just in case he's forgotten. 

Anyway, when Stella reported she kissed a boy, I wasn't sure how to react. I saw the boy's parents at school and wondered if perhaps I should introduce myself, especially considering we'll soon be in-laws.

So to sum up: Stella is doing great at kindergarten, other than being a little free and easy with her affections. I can already see an improvement in her reading skills, she has learned several new songs she likes to sing, and every day she comes home talking about a new friend. I'm glad thing are going well, because if they weren't, I would be forced to take drastic measures. That's right: I would have to baby bop.

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