Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m getting ready for a three-day conference, one on economic research and analysis. Believe me when I say whooo-hoo! I am going to motherfucking rock the session on state-supported venture capital funds!

Me in Milwaukee in my fancy
hotel room. See? It has a view
of a parking garage.
I suspect the wonk factor at this conference is going to be stunningly high, given that the people attending are mainly economists. I also suspect this is going to be a fairly unhappy group of people, given the extremely anemic nature of the economic recovery and the questionable wisdom behind some of the proposals to revive the economy. In other words, the hotel is going to be filled with conference attendees who are both nerdy and depressed. HELLO MY PEOPLE!

This conference is in the exotic city of. . . Milwaukee. This is bad because it deprives me of a chance to attend a conference located in a more glamorous city. Like maybe Dayton, Ohio. Or even Carbondale, Illinois. (Motto: “The Building Block of All Life, Right There in Our Name!”)

But holding the conference in Milwaukee also has some benefits for me, in that it is easy for David and the kids to come along. This is important because Baby W is not yet weaned. So if I don’t nurse him every couple hours, he gets angry and basically turns into the Incredible Hulk. Also my boobs explode. So all around, a bummer.

David will bring the kids to Milwaukee for a little sightseeing while I am at the conference. I imagine he’ll drive them around the decaying inner city, showing them what happens when the manufacturing sector disintegrates, affluent whites flee for the suburbs, and the educational system collapses. They may also take in the zoo.

Being in Milwaukee means that Stella is going to miss two days of kindergarten. She’s a little sad about that, and I wish this conference hadn’t happened so close to the beginning of the school year. But I know she’ll learn as much in Milwaukee as she would have at school, especially considering that their first academic unit in kindergarten centered around teddy bears. But I bet that’s only because they’re waiting until October to start the unit on Milton’s Paradise Lost.

You can tell it's a fancy hotel room
because each bed has six pillows.
Stella is going to love being in Milwaukee. She really gets excited about going to new places and doing new things. I hope Baby W will have a good time too. Recently he’s been quite crabby (perhaps teething?), and the only thing that makes him happy is to be outside at the park. So we spend most of our day at the park, and I’m thinking that it would help even more to spend all our time at the park. We could get a yurt and set it up by the monkey bars.

I’ll wrap this up because the kids are due here (meaning the hotel room in Milwaukee) any minute now. I’m looking forward to an interesting (and hopefully not too depressing) conference, and I know the kids are going to have fun too. David gets the short end of the stick of this experience, but there is a Les Paul exhibit in town that I think he will like. I’ll try to get out to see a little bit of Milwaukee even as I hope that next year’s conference will be held in a more attractive, less familiar city full of mystery and intrigue. I’m thinking Dubuque.

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