Tuesday, October 25, 2011


David and I are celebrating our 15-year anniversary this month. Can you believe it?! I'm still amazed that after all this time, David and I still enjoy each other's company. At least, I think we do. We never actually get the opportunity to enjoy each other's company due to the constant drumbeat of "Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!" but I assume that were we given the chance to actually talk once in a while, we would find it pleasant. If we ever had the remotest chance to slip away alone together and do anything more extensive than talking, I assume I would find THAT more than pleasant too. Well, a girl has to have her crazy dreams.

By the way, one unfortunate side effect of Stella starting kindergarten is that she is learning to spell. This means that David and I are no longer able to use spelling out words as a method of communicating with each other without having Stella understand. So now, David and I have to get really creative, and say things to each other like "Hey, if the kids go to bed early, maybe we can get together and eat spinach," and then wink at each other. Poor Stella -- when she grows up she's going to wonder why her parents had such a leafy green vegetable fetish.

Here's David and I at our 15-year anniversary dinner out on the town:

If you're wondering why David isn't smiling for the camera, it's because he was born in the late 1800s, before smiling in photographs became the cultural norm. Back when David learned to pose for photos, cameras had just been invented and the exposure times were so long that people found it uncomfortable to hold a smile. And if you are wondering why I look a tiny bit deranged in this photo, it's because I've been in a 15-year relationship with someone who doesn't believe in smiling for photographs.

We ate at tiny restaurant in our neighborhood, a restaurant so small that we were the only customers. There was only one person working there, who both waited on us and cooked the food. Unfortunately, the meal was pretty mediocre. And the small scale of the restaurant made it almost impossible for David and me to discuss the poor quality of the food with each other, because the cook/waiter/owner/dishwasher was never more than a few feet away. I almost felt like we needed to use code to prevent him from eavesdropping on us. Basically, it was the same issue that we have when we try to communicate without having Stella understand us, except that Stella doesn't make her caldo verde soup nearly as salty.

After our so-so dinner, David and I went to a movie! Yes! There were TWO grown-up activities on our anniversary night out, brought to us courtesy of my sister, who was babysitting our kids. David and I went to see Moneyball, which I enjoyed very much despite being convinced that watching baseball is technically a form of torture perfected by the CIA to inflict on enemy combatants.

Watching the movie, I felt like Brad Pitt reminded me of someone, but I couldn't quite put my finger on who. Then halfway through, I realized oh! He looks a little bit like David! After 15 years together, if your wife thinks you and Brad Pitt share a physical resemblance, I think things are going okay.

Yes, there have been ups and downs, but I feel like we're going pretty strong considering we've been together for 15 years. We are still able to make each other laugh and we're having fun raising our kids together. And you never know, one of these years we might get even a chance to eat some leafy greens.

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