Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There's a new wrinkle in Stella's kindergarten experience, which is that she is being moved to a new classroom, with a different teacher. It turns out there were so many kindergarteners that the school needed to open an additional section of kindergarten in order to make classroom sizes manageable, and Stella got tapped to make the switch to a  new classroom.  Given the size of the cuts in education funding that he championed, I am holding Governor Scott Walker responsible for the overly large size of her original classroom, as well as anything bad that occurs in her school experience, up to and including lukewarm school milk and any gravel she may get in her shoe on the playground.

I had heard that Stella's new teacher was originally from Chicago. Ho ho! Now there ought to be a teacher who knows how to keep classroom order. I figured she'd have any rowdy boys trussed and hogtied before nap time rolled around. Basically, I was picturing Brian Urlacher but with that really nice handwriting that kindergarten teachers always seem to have.

When I finally got a chance to meet the new teacher, I was surprised by how soft-spoken she was. I have heard nothing but good things about her. David is less certain, but I keep trying to reassure him that although he may have suspicions, he has no solid evidence that she is a Bears fan. Remember: innocent until proven guilty.

Here's Stella in her new classroom:

Stella has also been bringing her school work home. It's fun to see her writing skills improving, and always amusing to get a glimpse of how she portrays her home life. The other day she brought home a book that she had made in class, all about her family. As part of the assignment, she had to draw pictures of each person in her family. She pretty much nailed it. In case you've never met David or I, that is exactly what our hair looks like, to the point where here drawing could almost be classified as photo-realism.

I do feel a bit sorry for Baby W, though, who got completely left out of the count of family members, and is represented either not at all in the drawing or by an insignificant doodle in the bottom corner that might also be an orange peel.

And in case you're wondering why Stella drew herself with two arms up above legs down below, I was originally going to say that it is because she is part arthropod. But after looking at the Wikipedia entry, I realize that it would be much more accurate to say that she is actually part hexapod. See, you learn new things about your kids all the time.

Stella's move to a new classroom means she has left some old friends behind, but there will be plenty of opportunity to make new friends. She likes the new teacher very much, and so far from what I've seen, the dynamics of the new classroom seem favorable. My expectation is that she will complete the transition to the new classroom without a hitch. If she does have problems, though, you can be sure that I will hold Governor Walker accountable.

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  1. I love Stella's family portrait; that is a classic. I'm sure you're going to save it for posterity. In his recent family portrait, Graham drew six people in the family--the five of us and a new fantasized baby. This is how rumors get started.