Friday, November 4, 2011


Did I say I was going to be posting every day for a month? I think what I meant that I was going to be posting every day for a week. Yes, that must have been it. Because I'm four days into November, and already I'm having problems envisioning how I'm going to keep this up for much longer. It turns out -- and this is something I learned just recently -- that months have a lot of days in them, sometimes as many as 30. Who knew?

And the problem is that I'm busy. I got a shit-ton of things to do, and I'm not even counting laundry. I'm simply blocking laundry from my mind at this point. You could say I've moved it off-budget, much like Social Security. Putting the clean clothes away seems to be the biggest hurdle, so I am proposing that we simply have one giant pile of clean clothes in the laundry room and family members can find their way there when they need to get dressed in the morning. It's what we wind up doing most days anyway, so there's no reason we can't make that the official house policy. 

The other thing that I need to do, hopefully yet tonight, is get David some business cards. There have been a lot of changes in David's professional world recently, one of which is that he has semi-voluntarily cut loose from the company for which he worked for 15 years. He is now a freelance writer, a profession that we're finding pays about the same as ditch-digging but doesn't have the advantage of working in the great outdoors. As part of his new circumstances, he'll need to be rounding up his own business and working to promote himself, hence his need for business cards. I'm not sure exactly what needs to go on the cards, but I think he needs to make sure he plays to his strengths. Here's my first draft:

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  1. 1,2,3 Print (on the web) does great cards for very little expense...that is where my freelancer got his. Mine are from Office Depot, useful if you think you'll be swearing at the internet site, but you can't shop in your PJs. Good luck.