Saturday, November 19, 2011


David has jetted off to Los Angeles for work, where he is busy rubbing shoulders with big shots in the movie industry, sealing deals, and making lots of money. Except for possibly that last part.

His job is really in flux these days, and his income too. We've taken quite a hit to the bottom line, which I am hoping will be temporary. There's something seriously wrong with the picture when I'm the one pulling down the big bucks in the family, considering I don't even work full time, and I work for a nonprofit organization. However, the other day somebody called me a "super-warrior for democracy" in my work role, and although she was half-joking, that gave me at least a couple grand worth of satisfaction.

And if you can stand one more bit of whining, all this "flux" in David's job ("flux" comes from the Latin word for "bullshit") means that we have switched to the health insurance provided by my job, which costs us nearly $1,000 per month in out of pocket premium costs. That's exactly as much as my first job out of college paid per month, but unfortunately my health insurance premium cost does not fetch coffee for the boss OR make photocopies.

This photo is old, and not relevant at all
to this post. However, its cuteness
transcends its irrelevance.
One of the things that David missed by being away was Stella's first-ever dance recital. (It might be more appropriate to say that he "got to miss" her recital.) This was a large, fairly industrial affair, with probably a dozen groups of kids performing one after another. Many of the parents had brought flowers to give to their little dancers afterwards, which struck me as excessive considering that each group's performance was only a few minutes long. But we managed to make it through the entire performance without any little kids either bursting into tears on stage or wetting their pants, so perhaps that's a bouquet-worthy performance right there.

I would say half the time the kids were on stage was spent actually dancing. The other half was spent wandering aimlessly around the stage, trying to remember exactly what it was they were supposed to be doing. There was considerable confusion on stage, interspersed with occasional bursts of manic dancing. The whole scene reminded me of Herman Cain's interview about Libya, where he seems to be trying to remember if "Libya" is one of the women he is accused of sexually harassing.

The other thing that David "missed" is Stella's second birthday party. I'm a firm believer in multiple birthday parties, especially when it involves cute little kids who are turning six years old. (For the record, I'm also a staunch proponent of multiple breakfasts, especially when at least one involves French toast.) Last weekend Stella had her "official" birthday party, with gifts and a bunch of friends from kindergarten; tomorrow, we're having the kids on the block over for cake and ice cream. I was the one who set the dates, made the arrangements, invited the kids, and baked the cupcakes. Stella is lucky that I'm in the picture, because if everything was up to David, he would show up with a doughnut on her birthday, jam a candle into it, and call it good.

David comes home tomorrow, and of course we'll all be very happy to see him. I know he'll be very happy to be back, considering that his time in Los Angeles is often pretty harried. I also know he's very grateful to me for cheerfully and competently holding down the fort when he's away, and taking good care of his beloved children. He better be bringing me a bouquet.

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