Thursday, November 17, 2011


RRRRREEEE-CALL! The effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has begun. Organizers have 60 days to gather at least 540,000 signatures. To put that in perspective, that's 9,000 signatures per day, or about as many cats as I plan to adopt once David leaves me and I have free rein to become a crazy cat lady.

(David has put a hard cap on the number of cats we can have, at two. I totally respect the limits he has set, except for an extended period when I interpreted the number two as meaning "actually, four.")

In the first 48 hours of the recall, organizers are reporting they have already collected 50,000 signatures, including mine. In fact I started to get a little panicky when I didn't sign a petition on the very first day of the recall period. What if I got very busy and then couldn't find a petition to sign on any of the next 59 consecutive days?! Fortunately one of my work colleagues passed around a petition and put my mind at rest. David, on the other hand has decided he is "saving" his signature for when the organizers "really need it." Feel free to tell  him this makes no sense at all. I certainly have.

The fact that organizers have managed to get 50,000 signatures in the first 48 hours boggles my mind. That is a lot of signatures! Especially in Wisconsin, because perhaps you didn't know, but not that many people live in Wisconsin. There are basically three densely populated areas -- Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox Valley -- and the rest of the state is inhabited only by nomads with camels. Also, this time of year, people tend to block out politics and instead pay attention to the really important things in life: Packers and deer season. 

They like a nice havarti.
I wonder if you could somehow rig it so you could shoot a deer while you were watching the Packers? And also perhaps while you ate cheese (or the deer ate cheese). That would truly be the consummate Wisconsin experience.

I'm thankful for the organizers who are putting together this massive recall effort, but I don't have any desire to join them. My first job after college involved working for a Congressional campaign, and I found it thrilling for the first two weeks and then deadly boring for the rest of the time. That experience turned me off of getting involved in any other directly partisan activities. Unless you count running my mouth as a partisan activity, which, frankly, you probably should.

And as long as we're on the topic of politics, I hate to admit it but I am mildly confounded by Republican candidates with the similar names of "McCain" and "Cain" running for president in consecutive elections. It's hell getting old.

I'll be curious to see whether organizers can successfully gather the necessary signatures to force a recall election. Of course I am no fan of Governor Walker, so I hope that the end result is a change in leadership for Wisconsin. I hope that organizers get enough signatures, that another candidate runs against Governor Walker and defeats him, and that the new governor takes Wisconsin in another direction. I also hope, one day, to see a deer eating cheese. 


  1. feel free to keep amusing the Hell out of me...

  2. Dave is obviously waiting for the payout to increase. Apparently thinks he's in Chi.


  3. Ed Thompson's GhostNovember 18, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    @Zeke The fraud is in full swing....

  4. Our home also has a 2 cat limit, imposed by my husband. I'd love to add a dog to the mix, but he simply couldn't handle that...he is not an "animal" person.