Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I know full well that people in Florida are crazy, but they sure have some nice weather down here. My mother is underwriting a full-family Florida vacation and has rented an wonderful house for everyone, right across the street from the beach. I could see from the moment we landed that this was going to be a fantastic vacation, and I have already suggested roughly a billion times that we make this vacation an ongoing family tradition.

Also, I have an important update about the Handstand Plan. Do you remember what that is? My sister, her boyfriend, and I are taking a gymnastics class, and we set an ambitious goal: that we wanted to do handstands together at the beach at the same time, and document it with a photo. We knew this would be challenging, but we were determined to succeed, and practiced literally minutes a week to hone our skills. But more on the Handstand Plan later.

First, a little something about the house we're staying in. There are a lot of tacky mailboxes in Florida, but even among tacky mailboxes, the mailbox at our house stands out You know you're in an area with high-quality beaches when air-brushed pelicans start showing up on mailboxes.

Another good sign: our rented house came with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cocktail shakers. However, that's approximately four more cocktail shakers than we need. We're more of a corkscrew crowd.

And one more bit of local Florida character that I want to share with you. Yesterday, a tourist at a beach not too far away found a leg. A leg that was missing the rest of its body. In case you don't believe me, you can check out this article: "Human Leg Washes up in St Petersburg Yard.

That's the kind of thing that NEVER happens in Wisconsin, although there was some news coverage recently when a Wisconsin woman who was fishing happened to pull up someone's artificial leg that had been lost in a lake. And then the Wisconsin woman managed to track down the leg's original owner and return the leg to her! That's just the kind of thing someone from Wisconsin would do! In contrast, I have a strong suspicion that the leg that washed up on the beach nearby is never getting reunited with its original owner.

This Florida vacation has been fantastic. Sadly, however, I'm going to have to wait until next time to update you on the success (or not) of our Handstand Plan. The photos proving (or disproving) the ability of three people with questionable coordination to do handstands on the beach all at the same time are in my mother's camera. I don't have a way to transfer the photos from her camera to the computer to be published here. Unless, of course, I can use a cocktail shaker.

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