Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If it's January, then that means I must be panicking about going to New Zealand! Many years at about this time the kids and I head to the southern hemisphere to visit my father, who lives in the Land of the Long White Cloud. In fact, we go to New Zealand so regularly that I plan to start saying that I "winter" there. And yes, I realize this may make you want to punch me in the face. Heck, it makes me want to punch me in the face. 

This will be Stella's fourth trip to New Zealand. Can you believe it? She's only six years old! Let me put it this way -- Stella has been to New Zealand more times than she's been to McDonald's. Is that fantastic or what? Please, please, please, never let this bubble pop that we're raising her in. 

By the way, I had a potluck party recently, and among the guests were a vegan couple. I let the other guests know about their dietary preferences, but I didn't want to make the vegan couple to feel self-conscious, so I just told all the guests to not bring any meat or dairy in their dish to pass because DAN and BECKY would be sitting in judgment of those of us who ingested animal products for the sheer joy that comes from being cruel to other sentient creatures. 

My point is that for the potluck dinner, my vegan friends brought what they called "fake chicken nuggets," which were actually breaded seitan nuggets. Stella loved the "chicken" nuggets and ate several of them. She is going to be so incredibly confused when she first encounters chicken nuggets of the McDonald's variety. Maybe not as much as I think, though -- It's very possible that Chicken McNuggets and seitan nuggets both include exactly the same amount of chicken. 

Let me be clear that I am looking forward to our trip to New Zealand. But I am not looking forward to the travel to get there. And what makes it especially tricky is that Baby W will be sitting on my lap for the entire trip, since I am not buying him a ticket. Keep in mind that he is nearly 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds. 

Even though Baby W does not have a seat on the plane, he still has to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of sitting on my lap the whole way. Can you believe it? That seems a little unfair to me. When the flight attendants come around with peanuts, I am so totally going to take two packets to make up for the cost. Then won't they be sorry!!!

Here are two photos from the last time we went to New Zealand. I show them to you to give you an idea of why, despite the difficulty of travelling to the other side of the world with two children in tow, the trip will be worth it.

Plus, that extra bag of peanuts is major incentive too. If that isn't reason to travel to New Zealand, I don't know what is. 

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  1. I wish you'd write a book, a how-to, on traveling with kids. I love the idea of traveling, but don't have the energy to put a plan into action...If only there were a manual.