Monday, March 26, 2012


David has taken the kids to see his side of the family, which means I have a whole evening to myself. What did I do with all this time?

1. I spent some extra time at work. While that may sound lame, did you ever think about the possibility that I work as a pediatric oncologist, and the extra time I put in may have saved a young life? I'm not, of course, but I did managed to put together a really neat-o bar graph in those extra 45 minutes, which is almost as good.

2. Freed from the requirements of putting together at least a half-way nutritious dinner for my kids, I majorly carbed out. I bought some locally-made fresh pasta and chowed through an enormous mound of it for dinner. I just checked the packaging to see how many servings I ate, and while I'm embarrassed to share the actual number, I will say that it rounds up to 10.

For dessert, I ate a bagful of very expensive dark chocolate-covered almonds, and I didn't share a single one.

3. I gave away furniture on Freecycle. If you don' t know about Freecycle, it's a website you can use to give away stuff. You post a description of what you want to give away, and then people can contact you if they're interested in taking it. This system works pretty well, except that there's always some jerk who contacts you wanting a detailed description of the condition of the item and its complete history, as if he is doing you a big favor by taking this item off your hands. Sure, dude, I'll be sure to reply to your email in case the other 99 people who emailed me who really want this item somehow get struck by lighting. 

I'm giving away some of the baby-related furniture, since David has been firm in his desire to stop at two children. Baby W is at his peak cuteness these days -- so cute that David and I often take breaks from playing with him to whisper fiercely to each other that "the baby is SO fucking cute." But even the extreme cuteness were living with can't break down David's will. I just hope David realizes that if we're not having any more children, there's really no reason for me not to rocket straight to menopause and lose all interest in sex. But I'm sure he's thought that through.

I was not aware it was humanly possible to be exposed
to this face and yet not want another baby.
Also, I have pointed out to David if we asked Rick Santorum what he thinks, Sen. Santorum would undoubtedly come down on the side of us having more children. Dilemma solved!

4. While everyone was gone, I read more than 10 pages of a book in one sitting. It was a strange, unfamiliar feeling. After about 8 pages, I started looking up, thinking "Aren't I supposed to be doing something else?" I think that being a parent has given me ADHD.

(By the way, I just finished two excellent books that I would strongly recommend: The Magician, and The Magician Kings, by Lev Grossman. They are like deeply fucked-up versions of The Chronicles of Naria, and I mean that in the best possible way.)

David and offspring are scheduled to roll into the driveway any minute, so I have to make the most of my last minutes of free time. I'm already laying the plans for the next time David takes the kids to visit his family. Next time, I'm going to get the chocolate-covered pecans.

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