Monday, May 21, 2012

This Will Be My Most Popular Post Ever

I have been quite busy recently, what with medical school and fine-tuning my acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize and all, so I've been neglecting Midwest Potato a bit. No doubt this causes great grief to all seven regular readers of this blog. (Seven readers, that is, if I somehow manage to make my mom count as four people.)

Anyway, I was looking back at old posts, trying to think what to write about, and I noticed that my most popular post ever was about chillblains. That's because I included a photo of Stella's poor winter-damaged fingers, and other people apparently also foolish to live in a climate not fit for man nor beast googled "chillblains" and found their way to my site.

The lesson that I learned from this is that people like to look at damaged extremities. So here is a picture of my toes.

A good rule of thumb is that the uglier a runner's toes are, the sexier his or her legs are. That's definitely true in my case, but since I'm not posting a picture of my legs, you'll just have to wait up until you can ogle them in person. I know, it's hard to be patient.

I also noticed that people really liked to look at pictures of my messy house on this blog. Then half the readers (that would be 3 and 1/2 readers) post something along the lines of "You think that's messy?! My place is so messy that we haven't been able to find the actual house since September and have had to camp in the yard! Also, we used to have a third kid but then he made the mistake of venturing into the den on his own, and we never saw him again!" The other half of people who look at the pictures of my messy house write notes to themselves never to let their children play over at my house, because I seem like the type of person who would probably have ringworm.

So here are two more messy house pictures for your enjoyment:

See how our living room is nearly indistinguishable from a cardboard box farm?  That's because the kids had a lot of fun playing with one big cardboard box, so we thought we should really amp up the fun by getting them four big cardboard boxes. Whoooo-eeee! Better step back, folks, we're having so much fun in our house it can't possibly be legal!

(Someday, it will dawn on Stella that while she was playing with cardboard boxes and eating whole-wheat parsnip muffins for breakfast, other kids were playing with their Wiis and eating Lucky Charms. Depending how old she is when she figures all this out, she will either be very angry or very grateful.)

So there you have it -- photos of blighted extremities and my trashed house. The only thing that would have been better is if I managed to somehow show both items of interest in a single image, by taking a picture of mangled foot, showing my disorderly house in the background. Next time, maybe. Right now I need to do something about this ringworm.


  1. I particularly like that one of the boxes is for a vacuum. That's like art or something.

  2. Emily 2.0 currently resides in her own house, nee empty car seat box. She loves it.