Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back in the Frozen Tundra

I survived the long trip back to the U.S. from New Zealand. People always ask me how long the trip is, and I have a problem figuring out the total number of hours because the trip is spread out across several different buses and planes, but it's a long trip:
  • 3 hours bus trip from my father's house to the Auckland airport, through some really awesome scenery.
  • 2 hours waiting in Auckland airport, which to be honest is surprisingly rinky-dink. It's got, like, 12 gates, and three of those gates have flights leaving for Tonga.
  • 12 hours flight from Auckland to Los Angeles, which seems even longer because of course somebody's baby is crying. Whose baby is that? Whose baby is crying, dammit? Oh wait, that's MY baby.
  • 2 hour customs/layover in Los Angeles. Customs takes a long time because people travelling from hobbit-infested countries are subject to extra scrutiny.
  • 4 hour flight to Chicago. We flew this leg on Virgin America, which I've never been on before. Virgin America is a "hip" airline. I could tell this because the lights in the cabin were purple. 
  • 1 hour wait in Chicago, during which the kids figured out that at this point I am willing to let whoever screamed the loudest have the iPad.
  • and finally, a 3 hour bus ride to Madison. Thankfully it was dark at that point, so I could not see the miles and miles of dirty gray snow and brown fields that make up the entire distance from Chicago to Madison. That's always hard to take after spending time in the greenery of New Zealand.
Total: 1 billion hours, or about as long as it takes Stella to get dressed in the morning.

It's true that I feel like I'm taking a lot upon myself by travelling to New Zealand with two children. But on the plane from Auckland to Los Angeles, I saw a mother travelling with her FIVE children. Normally my response to that sight would be to exclaim "Sweet Jesus," except I think the woman was Muslim, so in her honor I will say "Sweet Allah" instead.

New Zealand, not Wisconsin

Also not Wisconsin

As hard as it is to believe, this is also not Wisconsin

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  1. Welcome back to Blogger, and Wisconsin. Looking forward to your posts!