Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hallucinating Signs of Spring

It's spring here! I am seeing signs of it everywhere!

The temperature is getting warmer, so the kids are able to wear their spring clothes. Just look at the photo below! Stella may be wearing a hat, a coat, mittens, snow pants, and boots, but underneath all that, she has on a short sleeve shirt! (Under a hoodie.) Oh, and wool socks. She is also wearing wool socks.

The daffodils are starting to come up! See them in our yard, pictured below? Well, okay, you can't actually SEE the daffodils, because they are buried underneath a foot of snow, but my guess is that the daffodils are very likely starting to come up. We'll be able to confirm that once the snow pack melts down to a more reasonable level, which should happen in April or May.

And the robins are back, which of course is a true sign of spring! See the robin in the picture below? If you squint? If you squint and use your imagination? What about if you squint, use your imagination, and really, really want spring to come? That's how I managed to see a robin in that picture.

And now: off to shovel.

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