Monday, March 4, 2013

More, More, More Snow!

It snows a lot here in Wisconsin, and we spend a lot of time thinking about snow. We think about how many inches of snow we are going to get, whether the snow is going to muck up traffic, and whether there will be enough snow to go skiing. I made the chart below to illustrate the major categories of what we think about here in Wisconsin, and as you can see, snow is the biggest category. (Just a footnote: the "cheese" category includes actual edible cheese made from milk as well as the cheese-shaped foam hats.)

We also spend a heck of a lot of time shoveling the stuff. Hours and hours we spend scraping snow off our driveways and sidewalks. I'm not counting people who have snowblowers. I think snowblowers are incredibly useless and serve only to annoy others with their ear-deafening whine, unless of course the snowblower belongs to a neighbor who comes over to clear my walk, in which case I consider it a contraption that must have been invented by an angel.

Here's my point: Shoveling is hard work. And we do A LOT of it. So we should make some money off it, right? I have a plan. (But it's going to have to wait until the next post.) 

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