Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 1, No Goats

We made it to Costa Rica! Well, so far we made it to a airport hotel in San Jose, which is right next to an enormous casino, with a huge flashing neon sign that says "FIESTA." But still! Costa Rica!

Yesterday we spent mostly in transit. I was excited that we had a layover in El Salvador, because it just seemed so exotic. What does the airport in someplace like El Salvador look like, I wondered? Do peasant farmers bring crates of chickens on the plane and tie them on top?

 But you know what? The El Salvador airport bore a strong resemblance to the one in Harrisburg, PA (which I fly to all the time because my mother lives there). And there are never any chickens in the Harrisburg airport. The occasional goat, sure, but no chickens.
Not a goat in sight
 Despite the lack of chickens, there were one interesting things about the El Salvador airport. This lovely poster, for instance, which urged us to contact health officials if our kids have a rash. I'm curious what disease it is that health officials are protecting against, but maybe it's best if I don't know.

 And this poster, which the longer I look at, the more I wonder about. I don't know if you can tell his from the picture, but the "victim" underneath the tires is a doll. What's that all about?

Today's plan: head to Arenal. And keep an eye out for goats.


  1. tamarine-- it is so obivious- 'abuse alcohol- pay the conseqjuences'= if you drink and drive we will take your doll collection, lay it in the street and drive a car over it. if you only have one doll in your collection, we will drive over the one doll. sincerely, osalud

  2. that above thing is from not-really-anonymous liz a. (the one who mentions that you're 40 a lot.)