Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 2 of Costa Rica: A Volcano, I Think

Today we drove to our first destination in Costa Rica, and already I am very grateful to David for doing all the driving. David lived in Los Angeles for years, and as a result can drive in all sorts of difficult conditions, whereas I start crying the minute somebody doesn't let me merge.

I heard that it was difficult to navigate in Costa Rica, and boy, people weren't kidding. There are virtually no street signs, and we got lost multiple times. We had a GPS unit in the car, but that seemed to be in on the game, directing us to take left turns when there wasn't a left turn within 20 miles. I'm thinking Costa Rica should change its slogan from "Pura Vida" to "Sure Hope You Know Where You're Going."

We eventually made our way to Arenal, where there is apparently a picturesque volcano that I haven't had the pleasure to actually see, since it was kind of rainy today. The kids had a lot of fun in the rain. Here they are standing under a downpour from a roof. And then we spent the rest of the day in the pool and watched hummingbirds. A good day.

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